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Website Design and Development in Sydney, Australia

Website Design and Development in Sydney, Australia

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6 Big Reasons for Choosing A Static Website Design

The static website design is back. It is back and stronger than before. There could be many assumptions about comeback of static design but the truth underlies in the basic architecture of the design. 

1. Security

One of the reasons why static website design is safer than dynamic websites is , there’s no database, plugins or dynamic software involved. The APIs and JavaScript used for static sites eliminate the risk of hacking to a considerable extent.

2. Reliability

Static sites remain free server errors like “the connection can’t be established.” There would be no such messages as your site would be directed to the closest node in the event of database failure. 

3. Speed

A static site is ten times faster than its dynamic counterpart. Absence of a middleman that is database provides speed to static sites. Quick downloading is a big help because Internet users hate slow sites.

6 Big Reasons for Choosing A Static Website Design Company Australia
Static Website Design Company Australia

4. Cost-effective hosting

HTML files require less space resulting in huge savings on hosting service. Also, the server resources saved can be used to integrate Git to incorporate the latest changes.

5. Scalability

Simply increase your bandwidth when you receive heavy traffic. It is easier to accommodate high traffic on an HTML site than on a dynamic website that requires code playing on the server.

6. Latest technology

Advancement in technology has made static sites suitable for online stores. For example, take Snipcart. It is a JavaScript-based shopping cart that provides e-commerce functionality on static designs.

If you need more reasons for choosing a static site, you can go to a leading website design company Australia and ask it to educate you on the value of static design for your site. 

Reference:  https://broadwayinfotechaustralia.blogspot.com/

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